Hey there. As the title suggests, I am Ovidios. I assume you know about me due to you actually having clicked on some link somewhere to get here (with that somewhere probably being related to me in some way). If you're bored already - don't worry, I'd be too - click the 2nd "o" in the title to toggle bubbles! (Except if you're on mobile that is!)
On the topic of games, here's my itch.io:

> My games on itch.io

There's also this IMDb-score-guessing-thing I made. You can check that out here:

> Guess IMDb

On a side note, why not follow me on twitter, while you're at it? It's not like I post much, but when I do, prepare for a total mediocrity-fest (A German one at that, so don't even bother following me. To be honest I only put this here so this page wouldn't be totally empty.)

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